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OEM/ODM orders are warmly welcomed!

As one of the famous motorcycle manufacturers in China, Chongqing Andes has been dedicated to OEM since 2004. Andes is only engaged in OEM export. That's why Andes is known as the most professional motorcycles OEMer in Chongqing. When we work on your OEM/ODM projects, we will utilize our 5-plus years of industry knowledge to integrate the features you seek.

OEM: to assemble motorcycles(existing models) according to customer's requirement(brand, appearance modification, and performance improvement all could be customized by customers.) ODM: to design and develop new motorcycle models with customer's ideas, and launch the new models on production.

Meanwhile, we update our lineup with a new model each quarter with oversea design studios to stay abreast of the fierce market competition.


Innovation is the soul of Andes R&D Department. Our designers and engineers are specialized in ODM and new models development for more than 5 years. Their obligations involve in current models' adjustment & improvement, new models design & development, fresh concept research & investigation, and future trend forecasting & analysis. Their rich experience and vast knowledge about our products strengthened the power of Andes. Besides, Andes R&D Center often cooperates with oversea design studios. Each quarter we will launch a totally new model.

1. Market survey: 1~6 months
2. Design studio offers original design sketch: 1 month
3. Andes audits original design sketch: 15 days
4. Customer audits and confirms original design sketch: 15 days
5. Design studio offers final design sketch: 15 days
6. Andes and customer confirm final design sketch: 15 days
7. Design studio offers clay model: 15 days
8. Andes, customer and design studio confirm clay model: 7 days
9. Design studio scans clay model to collect digital data: 7 days
10. Rapid prototyping bike: 1 month
11. Andes, customer and design studio audit and confirm the rapid prototyping bike: 15 days
12. Mould development: 3 months
13. Sample bike and road test: 2 months
14. Customer confirm sample bike: 15 days
15. Small scale trial production: 1 month
16. Mass production to the market
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